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Aromatherapy and Relaxation Massage

Various essential oils are used to stimulate the senses and the body reacts according to the oils used, and your own experiences with the scent.  This can have a very calming effect on your nervous system. 

Relaxation Massage is just that, a massage technique that makes the body more relaxed and stimulates increased circulation throughout your body.  Your therapist will make long strokes along your muscles in a direction that follows the blood flow back to your heart.

As both modalities serve to relax and heal your body, you should walk away from a therapy session feeling calm, relaxed, and with a general sense of ease.  You may also walk away from the massage feeling completely re-invigorated, as some of the oils used are meant to stimulate your body to heal itself.  These styles are ideal for those in high stress jobs, those needing to focus on the important things in life, or those who simply enjoy the incredible calmness that comes over you when in a totally relaxed state.

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